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The Sustainability award will be presented to the submission that demonstrates the most convincing and holistic address to the challenges of designing sustainably. Qualities that will be highly regarded include, but are not limited to: the usage of low VOC (volatile organic compound) materials, adaptive reuse/recycling, reductions in embodied energy, energy efficiency, improved supply chain efficiencies, reduction of waste (construction, packaging etc), social sustainability (improvements to quality of life, usage of local industry/artisans, contribution to community development or public space), innovation (a new product or typology that serves a genuine need, or an innovation within an existing product or typology that presents a substantive improvement to its functionality).

Past Winners


Bendigo Law Courts


Photographer credit: Tim Griffith


Hütt 01: PassiveHouse

Melbourne Design Studios (MDS) with styling by Belle Hemming

Photographer credit: Marnie Hawson


La Trobe University North and South Apartments

Jackson Clements Burrows

Photographer credit: Peter Clarke and John Gollings


Marie Reay Teaching Centre, ANU


Photographer credit: John Gollings