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Workplace Over 1000sqm

Workplace Over 1000sqm

A category for large commercial office designs, over 1000 square metres in size. Key considerations here include how a commercial fitout has been designed to enhance the efficiency of the workplace, not just from the perspective of user productivity, but also with regards to comfort and happiness. Considerations include: brief, concept, projection of company brand and ethos, support of workplace culture, where applicable client ease of use, spatial acumen, parameters, decoration, lighting, sustainability, innovation and originality of design outcome.

Submissions to this category must include a separate Sustainability statement to be considered for the Sustainability Award.

Past Winners


Mecca Support Centre

Studio Tate

Photographer credit: Sharyn Cairns


Queens & Collins

Kerstin Thompson Architects with BVN

Photographer credit: Derek Swalwell and Sharyn Cairns


Smart Design Studio

Smart Design Studio

Photographer credit: Romello Pereira


Transurban Melbourne


Photographer credit: Tom Blachford