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Residential Multi

Residential Multi

This category relates exclusively to designs for multi-unit residential complexes; i.e. interior designs that apply to more than one dwelling. Much like the Residential Single category, spatial planning and programming, and their relationship to the ‘look and feel’ of the design are critical. Importantly though, the design will also be considered with regards to the structures of multi-unit, template-based design. In this respect, attention will be paid to qualities of modularity and economy of construction and how the design contributes to the rationing and exploitation of space and the provision of amenity. Absolutely essential to this will be an understanding of how the design reflects its target market demographic. Considerations include: brief, concept, spatial acumen, parameters, decoration, lighting, sustainability, innovation and originality of design outcome.

Submissions to this category must include a separate Sustainability statement to be considered for the Sustainability Award.

Past Winners


835 High Street


Photographer credit: Rory Gardiner




Photographer credit: Timothy Kaye


15 Young Street, Sydney

Richards Stanisich with SJB

Photographer credit: Felix Forest


Napier Freadman White for Milieu

Freadman White

Photographer credit: Gavin Green