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Residential Interior Curation

Residential Interior Curation

This category is all about how residential interiors are curated to enhance the experience of inhabitation. Unlike the other two Residential categories, Residential Interior Curation is concerned purely with qualities brought to an existing dwelling by an interior designer who had no input into its architectural elements. Projects in which the interior architect or designer adapted, modified or contributed to the interior architecture of the residence should be entered into the Residential Single or Residential Multi category.

The selection, customisation and curation of furnishings, both soft and hard, colour, surfaces and fixtures and fittings are all of key importance in this category. As is the selection of finishes, fabrics, lighting, rugs, accessories, artworks and unfixed furnishing. Considerations include: brief, concept, parameters, design totality, flow and focus, overall aesthetic and originality of design outcome.

As this category considers the design totality of an interior, it also recognises the important contribution stylists make to a completed project and, in particular, its photo shoot. If you worked with a stylist on the project entered, their name must be included, so we can recognise them alongside your studio.

Submissions to this category must include a separate Sustainability statement to be considered for the Sustainability Award.

Past Winners


Weeroona House

Simone Haag

Photographer credit: Tom Blachford


Troye Sivan’s house

Flack Studio

Photographer credit: Anson Smart


Burnley house

Fiona Lynch

Photographer credit: Amelia Stanwix


Middle Park Residence

Flack Studio

Photographer credit: Anson Smart