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A meeting of Hemispheres: Bankston Architectural enters US market

A meeting of Hemispheres: Bankston Architectural enters US market


In its commitment to pushing the boundaries of hardware design, esteemed Australian firm Bankston Architectural has entered the US market with its latest collection, Hemispheres. The result of a collaboration with New York-based design studio CIVILIAN, the collection takes Bankston’s exceptional design to the world stage.

Never one to shy away from a creative collaboration, Bankston’s partnership with CIVILIAN is an exercise in daring design using premium materials and an experimental ethos. The Hemispheres line crosses boundaries in more ways than one. Its seamless fusion of style and utility reconceptualises traditional hardware through artistic expression that speaks a language of its own, eschewing the status quo with a renewed vision of architectural hardware.

Exceptionally designed art deco inspired hardware
Art deco inspired hooks and adornments

CIVILIAN co-founders Nicko Elliott and Ksenia Kagner worked closely with Bankston, leveraging advanced technical capabilities to navigate the complexities of rending to a single shape in multiple forms.

“We are thrilled to introduce this project alongside Steve and Emily Bradley and the Bankston team, marking their official North American debut,” Kagner says. “As longtime friends and fellow design purveyors, this collection embodies our shared creative vision and forward-thinking approach, and we look forward to sharing it with design enthusiasts around the world.”

When two worlds collide

The aesthetic explosion of Hemispheres champions modularity and personalisation, inviting users to craft bespoke configurations that reflect their individual tastes. Ignoring run-of-the-mill chrome hardware in single form, Hemispheres’ interchangeable components promote individuality with five feature materials — American Walnut, Potoro Gold Marble, Polished Chrome, Smooth Nickel and Bone. Its name draws on influences from two vibrant landscapes — Bankston, Australia and CIVILIAN, Brooklyn — blending organic, Antipodean hues with an industrial art deco aesthetic. The intentional juxtaposition of these materials engages the senses while enhancing the ergonomic characteristics of the dome shape. Each piece was meticulously selected for its standalone merit alongside a role in creating cohesion. The result is a tactile, visually stunning range that transforms routine finishes into a daily design interaction.

Potoro gold and smooth nickel knob
Potoro Gold/Smooth Nickel cupboard knob

Bankston Architectural co-CEO Emily Bradley says the launch coincides with the brand’s expansion in the US.

“This collaboration epitomises a vision for innovative design in the finishing touches that connect individuals to their space. We are thrilled to present Hemispheres to the world with our friends and colleagues at CIVILIAN who helped bring this collection to life. We celebrate this momentous occasion, marking the beginning of an exciting chapter for Bankston as we embrace our entry into the American design community. ”

Hemispheres is available for order and purchase by approved partners directly through Bankston.


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