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Vaucluse House


Leading Sydney builder Horizon Habitats has won a Master Builders Association (MBA) of NSW Excellence in Housing Award in the Contract Houses – $5 Million to $7 Million category. The winning entry is a stunning five bedroom, six bathroom, light-filled home in Vaucluse.

The result combines the designs of architects Mackenzie Pronk, and Kaintoch, and interior designer Arent & Pyke, who worked with Horizon Habitats at different stages. Kaintoch architect Christian Campoy said Horizon Habitats’ proactive approach was the driving force behind exceeding client expectations.

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“Their attention to detail and construction finishes are matched with their ability to manage time and scheduling to ensure a smooth transition between all phases of the build,” Christian said. “We truly enjoyed the process of working with the Horizon Habitats team – they have the integrity, professionalism and experience we needed to produce such a high quality building.” Horizon Habitats regularly collaborates with leading Australian architects to ensure homeowners are receiving both a well-built and well-designed home.

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David Moses, Horizon Habitats Managing Director said, “We really respect the design process and it was an absolute pleasure collaborating with everyone involved. We’re committed to delivering the highest quality, year in and year out, for our valued clients.” Luxury internal finishes include a travertine feature wall, timber floors and a combination of natural stone and handmade tile slabs. The stone finishes required a four-month lead time along with great care taken in application to protect them from damage.

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The residence is operated through Dynalite Smart Home – a complete home automation system which enables the user to efficiently control settings including energy usage, security and lighting. Horizon Habitats were thoughtful and methodical in the building process, enabling them to complete the build in a very timely manner. The construction process was particularly challenging as the home was built on an excavated site, and required some shoring and stabilisation works.

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Homeowner Silvi Destro said Horizon Habitats was instrumental in helping the family realise their dream home. “Building a house of course has its stressful moments – it was all new to us, particularly understanding how building and construction works. The more we heard about other people’s experiences with different builders, the luckier we felt to be working with Horizon Habitats,” Silvi said. “David and the team were just amazing – they were always a step ahead of us.”

Horizon Habitats have won nine MBA awards in the last seven years, including being named 2014 Young Builder of the Year.


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