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Five architects shortlisted for Frankston Station redesign

Five architects shortlisted for Frankston Station redesign


Above: supermanoeuvre’s entry. Render courtesy supermanoeuvre.

Five architects have been shortlisted in the competition to redesign Frankston train station. Minister for Public Transport Jacinta Allan and Member for Frankston Paul Edbrooke joined the finalists today at the Frankston Revitalisation Hub to view their designs.

The finalists include:

Luke Farrugia and Andrew Shaper – both young practitioners on the central coast of New South Wales. Farrugia and Sharper’s design features a continuous and contoured ground plane populated by a forest of slender columns that “seemingly anchor the roof, while at the same time evoking images of the landscape and Labyrinth.”

Farrugia and Shaper's entry.

Farrugia and Shaper’s entry. (click to enlarge)


Grimshaw – Grimshaw’s entry integrates the transit interchange with the public surrounds, drawing on Frankston’s history as a coastal retreat as an influence. The underpass will be opened up and realigned to feature a civic plaza, while natural dune forms in the landscape will denote thresholds between the station and the public realm.

Grimshaw's entry.

Grimshaw’s entry.


Genton – a mid-sized Melbourne practice. Genton’s designs envisage the station as the centre of a pedestrian retail zone and a public park. The studio aims to remove traffic from Young Street between Wells Street and Ross Smith Avenue, relocating bus stops to the eastern side of the station. This allows the public zone to blur the entry point to the station and integrates the building with the retail stores on the opposite side of the street.

Genton's entry.

Genton’s entry.


Cullinan Ivanov – a mid-sized Sydney practice. Cullinan Ivanov’s submission features “void forms rather than building masses between the definitive planes of the roof and the platforms below, allowing visual connection to both sides of the railway.”

Cullinan-Ivanov's entry.

Cullinan Ivanov’s entry.


supermanoeuvre – a young international architecture and innovation practice based in Sydney. supermanoeuvre’s design combines a new public plaza and amphitheatre with a “dramatic” transportation spine. The station will include a structure that extends on five axes, connecting all areas to one another at a central point.

Supermanouvre's entry.

supermanoeuvre’s entry.


The finalists were chosen from a pool of 39 submissions, and will now work with experts to produce a more detailed design concept, assisted by technical experts and a quantity surveyor to ensure the final proposals are both deliverable and exceptional. The design vision for the redesign includes:

  • a high-quality architectural and urban design proposition for the site,
  • a robust, high-quality public realm that promotes pedestrian activity, uplifts connectivity, integrates the precinct into Frankston, and promotes an active public place between the station and its surroundings,
  • a design solution that encourages civic pride and community ownership,
  • consideration of innovative solutions and other opportunities to add value to the project, and
  • a design with a suitable, buildable new phase one Frankston Station

The winner and preferred design will be announced in March 2017, with construction starting in late 2017. The successful architect will be assigned the role of project architect for the station rebuild.

The five designs are on display at the Frankston Project Hub as well as online at www.transport.vic.gov.au/frankston-station-precinct-redevelopment.

Read more about the project.


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