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Kim Stanek

30 Cohort

A huge thanks to you and your team for pulling together such an amazing retreat. I know there is much more to come but it already feels like we’re starting to connect the dots and make positive changes for our studio.

Monica Colla

30 Cohort

Thank you all for such an unforgettable weekend! I feel deeply grateful to have been a part of this experience and being provided the opportunity to get to know everyone - I have learnt so much already! Massive thanks to the Niche team & sponsors for your time, generosity and energy into making this happen! And to the mentors & 30U30 cohort for your kindness, authenticity, openness & insights. Feeling incredibly inspired and energised. Looking forward to keeping in touch with everyone

Sophia Leopardi

Mentor, Williams Burton Leopardi

Hi Team, On the way home and reflecting on an incredible trip. Firstly a huge congratulations to Paul and the Niche team for pulling a wonderful event  together, so much care and consideration into all the events and small details that we’ll treasure long after the Bali tan fades. To the sponsors, thank you so much for being a part of such a wonderful initiative, and genuinely and generously supporting the future of our industry. To my fellow mentors - I’ve admired you all, even before meeting you and feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to get to know the gorgeous people behind your amazing work, I look forward to staying in touch. Finally to the super talented and inspiring top 30 - it was wonderful to meet and share this experience with you, so excited to take this forward, learn with you, and watch your big beautiful futures evolve. Thank you all so much

Kirsten Stanisich

Mentor, Richards Stanisich

Feeling your pain…. Also landed in Sydney this being and right back into it. Also wanted to thank Niche. Pulling this off as well as you did was a mammoth effort and I thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to connect in with the incredible next gen of designers. Also to the sponsors. Great to spend time with guys outside of the craziness of the studio. To my fellow mentors. Loved meeting you and hanging out together. You are beautiful people. Finally to the famous 30. You are such an inspiring bunch. Really looking to follow all of your upcoming successes…. And most of all enjoy your careers. We are part of one of the most exciting professions.

Steph Clarke

30 Cohort

Good morning! Also back in Melbourne and straight into the thick of it I wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone for the most incredible weekend. Our conversations, your warmth and authenticity - I feel extremely grateful, inspired, and connected in this sometimes isolating world To the Niche team and sponsors for not only making it happen, and creating these opportunities for which I so appreciate, but also for being so welcoming and encouraging To the mentors for your openness and honesty - your insights have already helped me feel more focused and prepared to navigate the upcoming months I’m so excited to see all the wonderful things that are happening and what comes next for you all, in both work and life. Looking forward to keeping these connections we’ve made Steph

Ruby Shields

30 Cohort

Good morning all! Back to the dreary Melbourne grind today but feeling lighter. Thank you so much for organising an amazing and inspiring event. This whole experience is something I won’t forget anytime soon (and I’m sure others won’t either). It’s a feat to organise an event, but another to do it in another country, so a HUGE congrats to the niche team and sponsors for pulling that off! (Especially getting so many water bottles over…) Thank you to the wonderful mentors who were open, vulnerable and inspiring. You folks are amazing in what you do and have achieved. To the 30U30 cohort cannot wait for the reunion! Stay safe for those still over there. Stay fabulous, Ruby

Tegan Donaldson

Major Partner, Neolith

Thanks everyone for such a wonderful weekend! It's been amazing getting to know each and every one of you! I look forward to seeing you all achieve great things - the future of design is looking very bright! Thanks to the mentors for providing inspiration and encouragement. To our fellow sponsors, thank you for supporting this incredible event. A huge thanks to the entire Niche team for the enormous effort to ensure this weekend was as perfect as it was - thank you and see you soon!

Emily Carter

30 Cohort

Thank you all for an incredibly inspiring and fun weekend! I’m grateful to have been involved and thankful for such authentic and open conversations about design, work and life. Niche team - thank you for creating this program and platform for us to connect with each other and with incredible mentors, and for organising such a fabulous weekend in Bali. To our mentors - thank you for being open and honest, and taking the time to provide valuable wisdom and advice. To the sponsors and suppliers I look forward to working with you further over the years! You’re all wonderful and I’m looking forward to staying connected and catching up.

Dana Pizzolato

30 Cohort

A big thank you to Niche and the sponsors. It was an incredible weekend and I feel so grateful to have met you all. Looking forward to building on the connections made with peers and judges. Kindest

Tom Anderson

Sponsor, Tongue and Groove

This program has been a career highlight for me to spend time with all of you, learning and hearing your incredible stories. It is my hope to stay in touch with all of you as much as possible so please reach out whenever for any reason and I hope you don’t mind if I connect from time to time. Niche, you guys did a great job. And I'm glad I got to meet all the other suppliers as well. I look forward to collaborating with you guys in the future. Travel Safe.

Jakob Reh

Sponsor, Ownworld

Hi all, I also wanted to say thank you to everyone who participated this weekend. Speaking for myself and Matteo, we both felt extremely grateful to have this opportunity to connect with everyone away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Also a massive shout out to the team at Niche for organising such a fabulous event, I can only imagine the amount of hours it took to plan. I am very much looking forward to continuing  the friendships made and most importantly... Getting back out onto that dance floor!

Fraser Greenfield

30 Cohort

Just made it back to Melbourne. And on my way back to the office Thank you all for a great weekend. Was a really enlightening experience. Big shout out to the sponsors and the very talented team at Niche! Thanks for having us. Stay in touch and see you all soon.

Ara Salomone

Mentor, State of Kin

Morning everyone! Thank you for the most amazing few days. It was a once in a lifetime experience. I feel so privileged to have been a part of it. The retreat was incredibly well-organised, and the opportunity to connect with such talented and inspiring individuals was truly remarkable. I'm so grateful for all the new friendships made, the knowledge gained, and for the lasting memories that were created. Thank you again for this amazing opportunity, it's an experience that will stay with me forever. I look forward to staying connected and seeing all the incredible things that everyone will accomplish.

Melanie Ting

30 Cohort

Just landed back in Melbourne. Thank you all for such an amazing weekend. It’s been an incredible experience meeting and sharing with each and everyone of you. I’ve learned so much in the past 4 days and feel inspired to get back into it. Thank you to all the sponsors and niche you guys are incredible! And all the mentors, thank you for being so open and sharing your experiences. Looking forward to staying connected Ps. Also looking forward to the next dance party!

Sandra Githinji

30 Cohort

Waking up in cold Melbourne today is not a vibe. I cannot thank the niche team and sponsors enough for dreaming up such a wonderful opportunity and following through to bring it to fruition. Deeply grateful to the mentors as well for your generosity.  This is only the beginning of meaningful and enriching connections and friendships, it was an honour to be surrounded by such incredible talent, you are all phenomenal and keep shining! For those of you who were in the airport transfer yesterday morning, kindly pay ID $9 aud to my mob. Thanks! We will live vicariously through those of you staying on, have a fab time!

Millie McEwan

30 Cohort

Massive thank you to all of Niche, the sponsors, mentors and everyone else involved in organising the trip, it’s been such an amazing experience.

Greg Dorel

Sponsor, Miele

Landed safe guys. Thanks to Liz, Liv, Alvin and Paul for the flawless organisation. We have built lifetime connections with very special people. Looking forward to the next one

Con Papadakis

Major Partner, Neolith

Back in Sydney. Thank you and congratulations to the Niche team for an amazing inaugural event.  I am sure we will all agree we are building an inspirational community for the future of design in Australia. Definitely built a lifetime connection and amazing memories with all of you and the inspirational 30. Looking forward to the next catch up.

Shona McElroy

30 Cohort

Firstly, I am grateful for the initial conversation we had before the trip. It will be a continual reminder for me to not be afraid of having tricky conversations and to always approach these things with empathy.