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The Moooi Salago lamp at Space Furniture

The Moooi Salago lamp at Space Furniture


The Moooi Salago light by Dutch designer Danny Fang was born out of his fascination for the timeless value of mastering a craft in contrast with the quick pace of mass production.

By combining the techniques of papier maché and paper pulping, Fang created a lamp with a strong structure and incredibly light body.


While at first sight, its form is reminiscent of industrial factory lighting, at a second glance the almost palpable structure of its paper shade embodies the timeless value of a handmade craft. Although a very light light, Salago lamp has a strong impact.


The Salago name is taken from the material it is made of; the Salago tree, a shrub native to Eastern Asia belonging to the Thymelaceae family. Each light is produced by pulping Salago and craft paper over a mould by hand, making every Moooi Salago lamp a unique object.



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