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Life’s everyday moments made easy with Omega

Life’s everyday moments made easy with Omega


The kitchen has always been the heart of the home. It’s the meeting place where we gather with family and friends. It’s where our senses come alive and where we eat, taste, and cook. It’s the emotional heartbeat of the home and it’s where Omega Appliances live and breathe.

Omega appliances are made to make kitchen life easier in the most important, most emotionally charged room in the house. Experience functional, stylish appliances that are easy to use and that are made to complement any kitchen.

Omega is about creating and celebrating the little moments in life. Feeding our loved ones, gathering around the table, the excitement of a meal in the oven, the passing down of family recipes and traditions.

Omega facilitates these kitchen moments, with appliances that are reliable, efficient and have all the features to make your kitchen moments happen.

Omega is committed to striking the balance between beautifully designed and functional everyday appliances.

Their minimalistic design and practical functionality will make the kitchen the hero of your home. Equipped with easy-to-understand technology, Omega is an accessible option for every Australian home.

From their range of freestanding ovens, ovens, gas and induction cooktops, rangehoods, dishwashers and microwaves, you’ll find minimalistic design options to suit any kitchen layout.

Each Omega appliance complements each other to create a streamlined design for any kitchen or laundry.

To give you peace of mind, Omega Appliances are also built to last and have a warranty to match.

Now more than ever, the kitchen is the place where everyday moments happen and Omega’s range of appliances weave into the emotional elements that kitchens evoke.

Built to last and with a warranty to give you peace of mind, explore the Omega range available in Australia from Shriro.

Images courtesy of Omega.

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