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The Snow Junior from Pedrali


Italian furniture house Pedrali has introduced the Snow Junior, a new chair dedicated to children. Launched at Milan’s Salone Internazionale del Mobile, this current offering from Pedrali is a rebirth of Odo Fioravanti’s popular Snow chair, winner of the 2008 Young & Design Award.

Snow Junior Installation

Fioravanti’s Snow chair lends itself to being scaled down for children, with a shape that is both organic and playful. Like the original, the junior version is gas-moulded from polypropylene and reinforced with glass fibers, ensuring the chair’s strength and durability.

Snow Junior

The functionality of the Snow Junior is evident in its lightweight construction and its singular form, allowing for ease of use and maintenance – a particular attraction in the design of children’s furniture. For group use in a school or play setting, the chairs are also designed to be stackable, and are thus easily stored in larger quantities.

Snow Junior Single

The Snow Junior creates a versatile, mobile seating solution along with its matching table. In five contemporary shades, the Snow Junior has a youthful aesthetic along with the appeal of European design, and will make a practical addition to a modern children’s area.

Snow Junior Odo Fioravanti Stand Pedrali Low

Pedrali have delivered contemporary European furniture and design since 1963, with all products made exclusively in Italy.


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