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The anytime office: furniture for an adaptable workforce

The anytime office: furniture for an adaptable workforce


Above: Arper’s Zinta sofa system.

Stylecraft will be hosting Arper Work/Life in their Sydney and Melbourne Showrooms from May 23rd – 27th. Join them in the showroom to see the latest collections from Arper. More information on stylecraft.com.au.

With the internet came the dawn of the global office. Any space where one has internet access and can sit comfortably with a laptop or a tablet can now be a legitimate office away from the office. A desk at home, an airport lounge, the lobby of a hotel, or a café – the deep integration of technology into our lives and workplaces now allows for work to get done in almost any setting.

In a way, it can be argued that the office as we have known it is becoming a redundant space. We take our email accounts, our Dropboxes, our Google spreadsheets and, via the internet, carry them with us from place to place, making workspaces of wherever we are. We collaborate, have shared offices, we work from home.


Arper’s Colina chair and Dizzie table.


As a result of this fluidity, the world we live and work in must mirror this adaptive nature, catering to the travelling worker in addition to traditional non-working guests. The home also must embrace this work/life balance – allowing a space where one can both receive clients and host dinner parties with friends; a space that still displays our personalities.

These new work environments result in many alternate dynamics – the shared office bringing a range of talents together to inspire some, the comfort of the home workspace lighting a creative spark others. In many ways, the furniture within each space has a responsibility to not only provide practicality and comfort, but to also assist in bringing out this inspiration through refreshing and flexible design.


Arper’s Pix ottoman and table.


Arper’s collection of furniture, available through Stylecraft, endeavours to achieve these demands, catering to the “anytime office” and embracing the future workspace. A range that understands the needs of the travelling worker, Arper have created pieces that are committed to adaptable, flexible design. With a range of finishing possibilities, Arper’s range is easily customisable to suit the traditional office environment as much as the home or shared workspace – allowing any area to be a comfortable, practical, and stylish office.


Arper’s Saya chair.




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