Kaldewei for small bathrooms

Feb 18, 2014
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Image source: Kaldewei 

Pictured above: Kaldewei Superplan Plus and Cayono

Kaldewei has launched a new bathroom range, catering specifically to the dimensional limitations of smaller bathrooms. Confined spaces and unusual bathroom floor plans require thoughtful design, as well as intelligent product solutions.

Aesthetically superior products such as the Cayono bath and the floor-level shower surface Superplan Plus from Kaldewei guarantee maximum bathing comfort and perfect showering pleasure even in small spaces.

While Xetis, featuring an enamelled shower surface with a waste elegantly hidden in the wall behind a designer cover, sees Kaldewei offering state-of-the-art design in the bathroom.

Kaldewei’s targeted series presents a variety of sizes and shapes, offering comfort and style, and aiming to integrate neatly into varying bathroom layouts.


Kaldewei Xetis and Puro Duo
Kaldewei Xetis and Puro Duo


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