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Intricately woven kilim rugs from Armadillo & Co


One of the highlights of the recent Decoration + Design Fair was the gloriously vibrant display of kilim rugs from Armadillo & Co.

Pinks and yellows, blues and greens, the combinations are zappy, spirited and luminous. As are the patterns of woven geometric forms residing somewhere between Indian, Celtic, Turkish and American Indian traditions.

Displayed in overlapping layers, the rugs form a wall of colour of startling brightness. Closer viewing, however, reveals that each rug is in fact a nuanced combination of colours that work extremely well with the three key patterns: Caravan, Pilgrim and Nomad. Pilgrim in Granite/Fern/Ecru, for example, uses a traditional Turkish motif of overlaid triangles in mirror form with the central pairing in cream, the main in green and the ground in grey.

rug1The colours not only work well as a palette, but the arrangement gives the whole zest, while remaining gentle as an overseen whole. Conversely, Caravan in Peony multicolour is vibrant and active. For this rug, Armadillo has used the same motif, but as an all over pattern, whereby the shifts between colours create central medallions within zig-zag lines that travel the length of the rug.

In red, pink, pale pink, cream, orange, yellow, white and grey, it is an extremely lively rug, but so well-orchestrated that no colour clash occurs. Nomad is arguably the most mid century of the weaving styles, with elongated pairs of zig-zag lines executed in pairs to create a large diamond pattern in shades of Polenta (warm caramels, greys and cream) or Fern (cool green, greys and blues).

rug2Made from Argentinian wool, the rugs are available in three sizes standard, while custom rugs are available by order.

Armadillo & Co is an active participant in Fair Trade practices, with each rug crafted from sustainable natural fibres. Additionally, Armadillo & Co has established a system whereby a portion of funds from each rug purchased benefit the local schools in the weavers’ villages.

Latitude Collection: Kilim Weave






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