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Curvas dining chair from WeWood

Curvas dining chair from WeWood


WeWood’s Curvas Dining Chair is crafted from French Oak, providing a deceptively solid hardwood frame despite its light silhouette. Curvas is characterized by its rounded arms and sloping curvature of the back and rear legs, combining organic and ergonomic elements in its form.

Its fresh aesthetic highlights the appeal of natural timber using a range of finishes available in a primarily neutral palette with on-trend pastel accents. WeWood’s Curvas demonstrates the versatility and durability of timber as a material, suitable for casual seating in both domestic and commercial contexts.

The artisans at WeWood Portuguese Joinery seek to create contemporary solid timber furniture using an approach that integrates technological advances in joinery and construction with traditional carpentry expertise.

WeWood’s cross-disciplinary ethic in engaging creative professionals from different fields is at the core of their practice, with each piece a product of collaboration between architects, designers and craftsmen.

The brand’s modern take on Portuguese style has been a key feature of their work, since branching out from the Moveis Carlos Alfredo Research and Development Department in 2010.

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