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White Night Melbourne – Design Directions


On Saturday 22 February, the RMIT campus will be alight and alive with students and staff celebrating White Night Melbourne in their own particular way with an array of installations, music, video and art.

RMIT Link has produced Onsite/Insite, a program by students that consists of 11 works. There will be installations that feature the metamorphosis of a basketball hoop into a golden structure, a weaving sculpture within a bricked-up window and a display of fabric snippets featuring positive conversations overheard from students on campus, as well as a roving songster sporting a gold fabric canopy!

RMIT School of Art has created a series of video works located across four locations. Building 10 will be ‘shedding’ its skin over the evening, five video works will ‘animate’ windows in LaTrobe Street, the alleys of RMIT will be bathed in video art and there will be a sound installation in the basement at Bowen Street.

RMIT Gallery will host a celebration of music with the final evening of  Music, Melbourne and Me, an exhibition that showcases the last 40 years of Mushroom Records and its founder Michael Gudinski, while the Kaleide Theatre features a new video artwork Continuum by Ash Keating.

Swanston Academic Building will be open and Anatomical Women will be on display. Over the 12-hour period, the body of a live model will be painted to present the human muscular system and, in the Big Ideas Nightclub, Dr John Lenarcic will conduct a series of lectures entitled ‘Become a Philosopher in Just One Night’.

Purple Rain was one of the most popular works of Paris’ Nuit Blanch (White Night) and French artist Pierre Ardouvin will recreate this exciting spectacle in the RMIT Alumni Courtyard. Participants are invited to pick up an umbrella and wander through this exciting visual and sound installation.

Many other events will also take place in and around RMIT on Saturday 22 February from 7pm to 7am as part of White Night Melbourne.




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