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Cemintel 9Dots Award 2014 entries open


The third edition of 9Dots Award 2014 will continue to provide established practitioners and eager students with the opportunity to be recognised amongst the best in the profession. It is one of Australia’s most respected architectural awards programs.

This year’s winner will receive receive a $16,000-worth architectural study tour of Japan and China.

The award aims to break free from convention, to reimagine architectural possibilities and to redefine the typological ideas of the tight, urban block.

Cemintel General Manager Drew Spiden said, “Cemintel’s 9Dots Award is about creating an exceptional design proposal by thinking outside the square and addressing the current demands of the building industry.”

“9Dots Award 2014 will encourage participants to rethink the culturally ingrained ‘quarter acre block’ and formulate how it can be adapted to solve a range of issues around affordable housing, dwelling size, infill development and, most significantly, density. Imaginative infill projects in cities such as Tokyo, demonstrate that smaller and varied housing does not have to compromise quality spaces and living amenity. Spaces that are flexible, multi-use, and embrace overlaps in public and private zones can initiate a new take on the housing typology, promoting a future housing model,” Drew added.

Entries for both the professional and student categories are required to incorporate the creative range of Cemintel products. This year’s judging panel comprises experienced architects and designers and also Architectural Review Asia Pacific editor, Michael Holt.

Entries close 28 August 2014.



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