AR133 – Contrasts

Jan 8, 2014
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AR133 – Contrasts seeks to explore a number of different metropolises from across the Asia Pacific region with an overall focus on where Australian cities stand in relation. There are five sections: Origins – urban planning, Expansion – rapid urbanisation, Set Pieces – small scale design, Revolve – socioeconomics, and Converse – aesthetics. Each category discusses architecture from disparate vantages and at different scales in order to ask: what are the current trends in architectural production in the Asia Pacific region?

Our latest serial articles – On Trial investigating eco-cities and In Conversation into theory and aesthetics in Melbourne – are offset by texts that explore ideas borne in Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Sydney. Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp’s St Barnabas Anglican Church, Sydney, Bates Smart’s 171 Collins, Melbourne, and Singapore-based MKPL’s Kent Vale Faculty Housing make up the project reviews; and, finally, Under Construction showcases the technological innovation in Denton Corker Marshall’s UTS Broadway.

Announcing the winners of the 2017 Shaw Contract Design Awards

Now in its eleventh year, Shaw Contract’s Design Awards program honors architecture and design firms that are changing the way people engage and interact with a space.

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