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AR133 – Contrasts


AR133 – Contrasts


AR133 – Contrasts seeks to explore a number of different metropolises from across the Asia Pacific region with an overall focus on where Australian cities stand in relation. There are five sections: Origins – urban planning, Expansion – rapid urbanisation, Set Pieces – small scale design, Revolve – socioeconomics, and Converse – aesthetics. Each category discusses architecture from disparate vantages and at different scales in order to ask: what are the current trends in architectural production in the Asia Pacific region?

Our latest serial articles – On Trial investigating eco-cities and In Conversation into theory and aesthetics in Melbourne – are offset by texts that explore ideas borne in Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Sydney. Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp’s St Barnabas Anglican Church, Sydney, Bates Smart’s 171 Collins, Melbourne, and Singapore-based MKPL’s Kent Vale Faculty Housing make up the project reviews; and, finally, Under Construction showcases the technological innovation in Denton Corker Marshall’s UTS Broadway.

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