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Rich tones, resin and other trends from Milan Design Week 2024

Rich tones, resin and other trends from Milan Design Week 2024


Winnings’ design manager Kate McGlone shares the trends she observed on show at Milan Design Week 2024.

The showcases at this year’s Milan Design Week, held from 16 April to 21 April, celebrated rich tones. Reds, deep browns and even peachy hues were brought to life and made inspiring through the exploration of materiality. Whether it was resin, glass, textiles or stones, the colour palette proved to be intense.

Playful objects of resin and glass 

New expressions of style were on show at GESSI, which continued on a path of exploration and elevation, resulting in increasingly striking creations. 

The design manufacturer of luxury bathroom and kitchen fittings releases its new Haute Culture collections in the wellness area with the Sensazioni (sensations) collection. Through harmoniously matched plays of light and transparency, GESSI proposes an unprecedented dialogue between the material and technology. 

As a pioneer in this space, GESSI’s designs transform the water source into a decorative light, celebrating the perfect combination of form and function. This collection unfolds by combining metal with transparent elements that create a soft, reflected or suspended atmosphere, an interpretation of the physical and emotional experiences of water. 

GESSI at Milan Design Week. Photos: GESSI

In the ‘soft’ collection, we witness the duality of form and rounded soft shapes, which appear transparent when illuminated and return hardened and metallic when the light is turned off. This elevated play of form brings class and elegance to a typically utilitarian space.

GESSI’s play of light continues with its ‘reflect atmosphere’, which ushers the viewer to peer into spherical glass volumes where light bounces and refracts, enhancing the typically simple experience of light passing through glass. 

GESSI. Photos: Winnings

Lastly, in ‘suspended’, water and light are harmoniously integrated through the play of volume, where transparent glass is wrapped and bundled in decorative metal bands, balancing the principles of light.

Reflection and refraction

At Laurids Gallee’s ‘Hazy Gymnastics’, rounded and reflective shapes also prevailed. 

The collection, showcased by Objects with Narrative, captures the playful movements of light within translucent resin, creating allure. The resin acts as a transformative medium, refracting and diffusing the illumination to create a natural, organic ambience.

Rich-toned upholstery and deep, glossy surfaces

Molinari’s collection, designed by Lucy Kurrein, plays on the contrasts between fine leather and high-gloss structures, painted with unexpected colours. The Bibendum modular lounge is complete with a series of circular lacquered small tables, finished in smoked glass and dark marble tops. The effects of the glossy lacquers and mirrored finishes create a special dynamism.

Amura continued its experimentation with shapes, materiality and colour. The Italian furniture brand showcased warm and deep tones like burgundy and caramel in contrast to a white room with a bright electrifying blue sofa. The shape of the Noa armchair elevates the colour selection of rich golden-tan leather against the signature red edge backrest.

As part of Milan Design Week 2024, Missoni and Roda, two world leaders in design and outdoor furnishing, consolidated their new partnership with the launch of an Outdoor Design collection.

Missoni. Photos: Winnings

This collection follows an in-depth study of unusual textures and textiles by Missoni, presenting an innovative offer of new soft and tactile textiles combined with Roda forms. The setting at Milan Design Week was a mesmerising platform that celebrated the translucent qualities of stone and glass. The space included deep orange- and red-coloured wall-washed surfaces.

The jacquard weaves of solution-dyed performance yarns in pastels come in five different patterns – Riva, Bamboo, Opera, Spiga, and Duna – spanning the colour wheel. These colours include sand and stucco tones, deeply intense blue and greens, and vivid and cheery rust-red and orange.

Kate McGlone

Kate McGlone is the design manager at Winnings. Photo: Winnings

For more on Milan, view ‘Me & You’ by Flack Studio and Volker Haug, a collaborative lighting collection that debuted at Milan Design Week.


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