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Outdoor Design – Residential

Outdoor Design – Residential

The Outdoor Design – Residential category recognises the integral role of private outdoor environments in elevating the delightful enjoyment of Australians in their homes. 

This category welcomes entries from projects featuring innovative, thoughtfully designed and seamlessly integrated outdoor spaces that effectively blend the interior and exterior within a purely residential context. 

Applicable projects include those associated with dwellings including single residential, townhouses and multi-residential/apartments with private and/or dedicated communal use outdoor spaces. 

The project is considered complete when any planted elements that form part of the design are mature enough to fully express the intended design vision.

Additionally, it is essential that an interior designer/interior architect be the lead designer; and/or that an interior designer/interior architect worked in equal partnership with a landscape architect to bring the project to fruition. 

Projects will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Integration with Residential Life: The extent to which the design integrates with and enhances the residential experience. 
  • Contextual Response: The extent to which the project responds with sensitivity to any relevant environmental/topographic/historic overlays of the site, as well as demonstrating a meaningful response to the client brief. 
  • Innovation and Creativity: The extent to which the project exhibits original and inventive design solutions that elevate the outdoor living experience to create opportunities for delight and enhancing the well being of the residents.  
  • Sustainability: The extent to which the project centres sustainability with respect to material selection, works in partnership with topography to be minimally invasive. Projects that have a full-circle approach will be highly regarded.  
  • Design Excellence: The extent to which the project blends aesthetic appeal and innovation with functionality to extend dedicated interior design elements into the outdoor environment.