Architecture and the Internet of Things

May 25, 2016
  • Article by Online Editor

Written by Sandra Tan. Above: ASSA ABLOY Innovation Forum Key note speaker Steve Sammartino.

Architects revel in design, pushing the bounds of the discipline through their pursuit of innovation. With the advent of connective technologies like cloud-based working, we are squarely in the sharing age – and the architecture and design industries are evolving to keep up with the rapid pace of change.

Moving away from outdated concepts of the siloed creative, architects are shifting to become as socially engaged, as they are spatially adept. By using social media to share their design process, architects (and indeed creatives in general) no longer need rely on third party outlets to gain exposure. Social media presents a plethora of free and largely un-moderated avenues for architects and designers to educate the public at large on the long-term value of their work, a practice that is certainly forming a more approachable face for the profession.

The immediacy of the Internet has clearly optimised business efficacy and maximising opportunities for collaboration. But moreover, it has engendered a contemporary democratisation of design and communication, through file sharing, creative commons and open source design. The social implications are immense – plans for emergency shelters and affordable kit homes are now available for download, for example, bringing design to disadvantaged communities. The growing proliferation of three-dimensional printing has also thrown a spanner in the works of mass production, with intellectual property rights becoming increasingly difficult to maintain in an era where Prada frames can, in theory, be fabricated at home.

As we grapple with the boundless potential of connectivity, today’s designers and architects are tasked with creating spaces that can functionally integrate the Internet of Things (IoT). When each appliance and surface in the home is wired to be responsive, engineered to gather intelligent personal data on the user (as mobile phones already do), a new approach must be taken in spatial design.

Steve Sammartino is an advocate for disruptive technologies in the digital revolution, and a thought leader on the subject of technology and business. Steve will share a specific focus on digitisation and ‘The Internet of Things’ and what the Australian building industry needs to consider for success in the years to come.

For more insights on the intersections between disruptive technology and forward-thinking design, register to attend and see Steve Sammartino’s keynote speech at the ASSA ABLOY Innovation Forum 8 – 23 June 2016.

For more information on the forum, click here.

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