Anne Watson on the Opera House

September 15, 2009

Anne Watson discusses the contentious replacement of Joern Utzon with Peter Hall as architect of the Sydney Opera House.

Anne Watson on the Opera House
After Utzon: Peter Hall’s Grand Dilemma

As one of the headline events of this year’s Sydney Architecture Festival, Ann Watson will examine one of the most contentious events in Australia’s architectural history – Joern Utzon’s replacement by Peter Hall as design architect of the Sydney Opera House in April 1966.

Long considered irredeemably flawed, the post-Utzon history of the building has been largely neglected by historians. Accessing Hall’s own archive, this lecture plots his first year on the job and it’s repercussions on the building.

Anne Watson is an author, lecturer and former Curator of Architecture and Design at the Powerhouse Museum.

*Where* The Studio, Sydney Opera House
*When* 5 October 2009, 3.30pm
*Prices* Adult: $20, Student: $15

["Click here":http://www.sydneyoperahouse.com/whatson/annewatson09.aspx] to book online, or call 2 9250 7777

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