ArchiTeam Awards: Panel Discussion

September 15, 2009

A panel discussion debating this year’s ArchiTeam Awards theme, ‘responsible architecture’.

The ArchiTeam Awards exhibition has generated a real buzz in St Kilda. The diverse and fresh works on display are in keeping with ArchiTeam’s ethos of encouraging economic and environmentally aware architectural designs. The theme of this year’s awards is ‘Responsible architecture in the face of climate change and economic downturn’. The works range from $150k to in excess of $1.5million and highlight diverse practices and fresh ideas.

To celebrate the closing of the awards, Geoffrey London, Chris Walton, Prof. Shane Murray, Prof. Joanne Cys,Terry White, Dianne Moy & David Brand come together to debate this year’s theme. The discussion will engage with issues and solutions for innovative thinking around urban systems and the unique contributions designers can make to living within our ecological bounds.

*Where* St Kilda Town Hall, 99A Carlisle Street, St Kilda VIC
*When* 16 September 6.00 – 9.00pm

For booking enquiries, please contact ArchiTeam ["www.architeam.net.au":http://www.architeam.net.au]

Geoffrey London – Victorian Government Architect, OVGA
Chris Walton – Chief Executive, APESMA
Prof Joanne Cys – President, Design Institue of Australia
Prof Shane Murray – Head of Architecture, Monash University
Terry White – Western Alliance
Dianne Moy – Design Manager, Victorian Eco-Innovation Lab

David Brand – Ex-deputy mayor of Port Phillip

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