Seminar: copyright & moral rights in focus

September 11, 2009

Ian McDonald discusses how copyright and moral rights affect architects. Presented by the RAIA.

Copyright is a set of legal rights that can operate to an architect’s professional advantage. Moral rights can operate to protect and promote an architect’s professional interest. What are the practical steps an architect can take to minimise problems arising from both?

Presenter Ian McDonald, Senior Legal Officer with the Australian Copyright Council, will examine how copyright and moral rights apply in the context of architectural practice and discuss the rights and obligations of architects, including:

* What is protected by copyright
* Who owns copyright
* When copyright is infringed, and the consequences
* How long copyright lasts
* Moral rights obligations

Ian McDonald is the author and presenter of the Institute’s Continuum online course ‘Copyright and Moral Rights: what every architect needs to know’. Over the years he has presented many workshops and lectures on copyright as it applies to architects and is currently updating the Copyright Council’s practical guide, ‘Architects: Copyright & Moral Rights’.

*When* Thursday 24 September 2009, 5.30pm
*Where* CPA Australia – Conference, Workshop & Meeting Centre, Level 3, 62 Cavenagh Street, Darwin, NT

To register online, ["click here":http://www.architecture.com.au/i-cms?page=1.23.7172]
E. nt@raia.com.au
T. 08 8936 1820
F. 08 8936 1839

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