National Architecture Conference: extra-ordinary

September 10, 2009

Curated by Melanie Dodd, featuring international guests Alejandro Aravena, Tom Bloxham, Teddy Cruz, Jeremy Edmiston, Liza Flor, Sean Griffiths and Francis Diebedo Kéré.

The 2010 national architecture conference, presented by the Australian Institute of Architects, examines ways to resolve ordinary problems in extraordinary ways.

Under the creative direction of Melbourne-based architect and academic, Melanie Dodd, the program will draw together local and international guests, and look at innovative collaborations in architectural practice.

International speakers include:
*Alejandro Aravena* (Elemental S.A.) Chile
*Tom Bloxham* (Urban Splash) UK
*Teddy Cruz* (Estudio Teddy Cruz) USA
*Jeremy Edmiston* (SYSTEMarchitects) USA
*Liza Flor* (muf architecture/art) UK
*Sean Griffiths* (FAT: fashion, architecture, taste) UK
*Francis Diebedo Kéré* (Kéré Architecture) Germany

The program will also respond to the staggering acceleration in the sophistication of information systems and manufacturing processes from which processes, products and services have emerged that threaten to marginalise the profession of architecture.

Taking its shape around four main themes – people, things, living, cities – the 2010 conference will showcase architects from Australia and abroad who are opening up fresh possibilities and definitions of practice.

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