Melbourne University Lecture: Landscapes of Living

August 31, 2009

Award-winner Vladimir Djurovic introduces his approach to landscape architecture.

Curating the indigenous with the contemporary while creating landscapes from which forms emerge in synergic action with a poetic functionalism. The fluency of architectural composition and the refined simplicity of spaces provide a unique encounter between the language of the natural world and the senses.

Guided by a philosophy of the esoteric but pragmatic, luxurious but minimal, Vladimir Djurovic Landscape Architecture is committed to drawing out the uniqueness of an environment with simplicity of gesture that gives nature the stage. Striving to come up with environments where parts blend into a harmonious whole, and time hopefully dissolves into the present, becomes the main aim of all of their interventions.

Vladimir Djurovic provides an accessible introduction to this new approach to landscape architecture in which the audience will be taken through a selection of their projects, describing along the way the spatial composition of forms, choreography of light and the judicious framing and dissembling of scenery beyond the site. His firm has gained recognition at the national, regional, and international levels for their approach and innovative design work through renowned magazines, books, and television features.

The office has also won numerous awards such as the Cityscape Architectural Review Awards, the international design awards, and most recently the Aga Khan Award for Architecture as well as the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) 2007 Award of Excellence, and the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) 2008 Award of Honor.

To view projects by Vladimir Djurovic Landscape Architecture visit: ["www.vladimirdjurovic.com":http://www.vladimirdjurovic.com/]

*Where* Carrillo Gantner Theatre, Basement, Sidney Myer Asia Centre, Swanston Street, University of Melbourne
*When* Tuesday 8 September 7-8pm

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