2009 ArchiTeam Awards

August 24, 2009

Exhibition of projects within the theme of ‘responsible architecture in the face of climate change and economic downturn’.

ArchiTeam is a unique, not for profit co-operative representing over 300 small to medium architectural practices, ranging from burgeoning architects to well-established firms. The ArchiTeam Awards, a biennial event, recognise fresh and innovative contributions to the architectural field.

This year, within the theme of ‘responsible architecture in the face of climate change and economic downturn’, submissions include innovative renovations using recycled materials and clever design and technologies that achieve ongoing energy savings. Other entries focus on modular housing types that feature low-cost ways to start small and develop. A common thread in submissions received is ambitious aspirations with a small footprint.

The exhibition is being held at the Obscura Gallery, one of Melbourne’s leading photographic galleries.

*Opening Night* Thursday 3 September, 6-8pm
*Exhibition continues* until 17 September
*Where* Obscura Gallery, First Floor, 285 Carlisle Street, East St Kilda, VIC 3161

ArchiTeam was established in 1992 and prides itself on being a forum for its members around current issues on the environment, the community and design excellence. ArchiTeam represents dedicated architectural practices for our times and beyond. For more information go to ["www.architeam.com":http://www.architeam.net.au/]

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