One day seminar: SuperNature

August 20, 2009

A seminar examining design inspired by nature.

The 2009 LIVE IN QUEENSLAND – DESIGN IN THE WORLD one day seminar, SuperNature, takes lateral thinking in design to the extreme: pioneering design inspired by nature. Artisan, in partnership with Queensland University of Technology’s Creative Industries, brings nine internationally acclaimed designers and thinkers to Brisbane to discuss the awesome power of nature and its influence on their innovative work.

How does a bee revolutionise avionics? How does a termite mound become an office building? How do butterfly wings influence material manufacturing? SuperNature will explore the process of design ideas from inspiration to realisation. It will take strict design principles and turn them on their head, and reveal the infinite ways in which nature can provide the most effective solutions to a design conundrum and the purest form of inspiration for aesthetically pleasing design.

Location: Queensland University of Technology, Gardens Point Theatre,
2 George St (next to City Botanic Gardens), Brisbane, QLD

For tickets, go to ["www.liveqlddesignworld.com":http://www.liveqlddesignworld.com]
For information on themes, session times and ticketing information, click ["here":http://www.vision6.com.au/em/message/email/view.php?u=19290&id=531944]

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