Iron Designer

July 15, 2009

State of Design’s closing event, a no holds barred design battle!

Inspired by their Japanese cooking counterparts, design contestants work individually or in teams of 2–3 in a pressure-cooker, style design-off. Responding to State of Design’s Festival theme, design contestants will receive a ‘Sample of the Future’ and the battle’s key ingredient will be revealed.

The designers are required to represent their future visually, within a set amount of time, using the key ingredient as their main working material. The aim of the game is to present a live and entertaining exploration of the creative process, showcasing the way designers think and how they transfer their thoughts into something visual.

Hosted by Tony Wilson.

Featuring Chase & Galley, The Foundry, Cornwell Design, Maddison Architects, Wooden Toy, 21-19 and Six Degrees.

Presented by Studio Binocular and Innocent Bystander

["Tickets on sale here":https://www.stateofdesign.com.au/tickets]

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