What makes architecture public?

July 15, 2009

A panel discussion debating positions on Public Private Partnerships in public infrastructure.

As public infrastructure has become increasingly funded through Public Private Partnerships, these partnerships have received a mixed response from both the public and the architectural profession.

Some see PPPÂ’s as a way of guaranteeing long-term responsibility from the developer and the builder, while delivering quality architecture at a price to the public that is spread over longer (more affordable) periods. Others see them as Trojan horses, promising great gifts to the city, while quietly buying and selling the public domain.

This panel discussion will debate these positions, while locating the private financing of public infrastructure within a global setting.

Presented by URO media

6:30pm – 8:00pm
Spring St Conference Centre, Level 2, 1 Spring Street, Melbourne
W. ["uromedia.com.au":http://www.uromedia.com.au]
Free: RSVP to info@uromedia.com.au

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