Sampling the Future of Design

July 15, 2009

Australia’s premier business speaker series.

Design Capital is Australia’s premier business speaker series showcasing design vision, innovation and strategies that provide a critical, competitive edge in business. Presented by Design Victoria, Design Capital will be held at BMW Edge, Federation Square, Melbourne, 16-17 July.

As a part of the series, Design Capital Design Day July 17 discusses how design will respond to the unfolding patterns of our time. Design Capital explores the tension between design trajectories, to speculate on the next big shifts in the world of the designer.

*Session One (9.00am – 1.30pm)*

Nipa Doshi – Designs Global Crossroads
Marcus Piper – Press to Print
Nate Archer – Tracking Imagination
Don Ryun Chang – Clash of the City Brands
David Berman – Do Good Design

*Session Two (3.00pm – 5.40pm)*

Omar Vulpinari – Fabrica: Breeding Catalysts of Social Improvement
Leon Van Shaik – Slow Paces / Fast Systems
Tom Kovac – Slow Paces / Fast Systems
Tim Yu – The Web of Design
Oron Catts – Designing the Future of the Semi-Living

*Evening Session (6.30pm – 8.00pm)*

Neils Jonkhans – Architecture of Necessity
Hernan Diaz Alonso – Evolutionary Design

To register for tickets see ["https://www.stateofdesign.com.au/tickets":https://www.stateofdesign.com.au/tickets]

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