CINECITY: architecture and the moving image

June 4, 2009

Three events exploring and discussing the connections between architecture and film.

This July, Melbourne’s CINECITY group will present a series of workshops exploring the relationship between architecture and cinema.

Members of CINECITY will speak at RMIT’s monthly THINK+DRINK evening, presenting their ideas and experiences of cinema and space. This discussion will lead into part one of two workshops, where students will explore architectural ideas with cinematic techniques. A small group of students will be asked to produce a film of 30 seconds in length, focusing on the process, not the final presentation itself.

The second workshop is open to the public, who will be asked to engage with the students and expert panel members, discussing the various ideas explored by the students in their films.
These events will culminate with an exhibition of works by CINECITY group members and guests.

Speakers of CINECITY will present on 8 July at 6pm at THINK+DRINK at the RMIT Building 91 – Victoria St, Melbourne.
Part one of the workshop will take place on 18 July continuing with part two on 25 July.
The exhibition will be held on 25 July at 6pm, also at the RMIT Building 91 – Victoria St, Melbourne.

For more information see Romanie Logere 0400 507 412 or Louise Mackenzie 0438 511 598 Tuesdays to Fridays 9am to 5pm.
For information on the student workshop and to secure yourself a limited space, contact SONA manager on janet.renehan@raia.com.au

still from a short film by Fooch, who is apart of the cinecity group, he works with a company in London called squint opera, they make short films about architecture. Fooch is in Melbourne presently and is will be apart of all three events, the workshops, exhibtion and the think and drink.

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