Design for Change

April 28, 2009

A pavilion for adaptive re-use and everyday vernacular.

*Design for Change* is a Melbourne collective consisting of architects, artists, filmmakers musicians and students who believe in the social and political affect that architecture has on our society.

D4C seeks to curate exhibitions to illustrate the role of designers and their development of sustainable living models, highlighting the methods in which society can re-use, re-adapt and re-build space with sustainable outlook.

Most recently, D4C has collaborated with *SONA*, (Student Organised Network for Architecture), to create a pavilion for the 2009 Form and Function Expo, as part of the RAIA national conference.

By investigating the use of functional and practical, everyday, every-job trade equipment, D4C will assemble scaffolding at the exhibition site, in a way that is both highly designed and ornamental.

Traditionally unrecognised as architectural, D4C will transform the scaffolding into something that qualifies it as functional and formal, highlighting the material’s adaptive qualities.

We invite you to come witness this unique and once only exhibition, stall number 2890.

For more information contact designforchange.melbourne@gmail.com

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