Real Green Design 2

April 2, 2009

Case studies that work.

Renowned ESD architect, consultant and award winner Tone Wheeler presents the essential green design solutions that practising architects need. Following a recap of the 4 principles of sustainable building design as featured in the Real Green Design seminars of 2008, this 2 hour seminar presents cutting edge green case studies for 4 building types; Greener houses, Medium and Higher Density Housing, Commercial buildings and Hybrid buildings.
Increasingly buildings of the future will be mixed-use hybrids that present great challenges for green design. For example, spaces that cannot be passively heated or cooled, that cannot use natural ventilation, that demand special materials and finishes and are often located in extreme climates can all still be green.
For more information contact stephen.earle@raia.com.au, http://www.architecture.com.au

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