Melbourne lecture: WHAT_architecture_Anthony Hoete

August 21, 2011

London-based architect Anthony Hoete, director of WHAT_architecture, gives a public lecture at RMIT about his studio’s approach to architecture.

Anthony Hoete, the director of London-based studio WHAT_architecture, will give a public lecture at RMIT on Monday 22 August.

WHAT_architecture are the studio behind the ["Cowley St Laurence Church of England Primary School and Children's Centre":http://australiandesignreview.com/projects/24654-Cowley-St-Laurence-Church-of-England-Primary-School-Children-s-Centre-WHAT-architecture], a public school in London with a Lego-clad facade.

WHAT_architecture say they are “influenced by game play potential. From Plato to Play-Doh, we recognise 1. the social value in play and 2. that architectural practice makes perfect. To this end WHAT_architecture deploys an iterative strategy within its design-research methodology.

“Options, variations and permutations are coached into existence. The best games have actions that are replayed, over and over. The most demanding buildings are also those that require revisiting and endure beyond 1/60th second, a snapshot experience.

“Architecture is more than just tourism or pornography. In our aspiration for replayable buildings, we embrace reconfigurability. A game board represents a static space open to myriad potential. The best games are also the ones that bend the rules, but don’t break them.

“As much as we all acknowledge the allure of rebellion, the illegal architect is a fanciful conceit. Architects don’t break laws: ours is a compliant profession.”

*Where* RMIT Building 8 Level 11, Room 68
*When* Monday 22 August, from 6.30pm

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