SmartGeometry 2011

February 1, 2011

The annual workshop and conference, promoting a hybrid approach to architecture fusing digital fabrication with traditional crafting techniques.

SmartGeometry workshops bring together designers, researchers and leading students from around the world for four intensive days of design and collaboration. The annual conference promotes collaboration among practitioners, academics and researchers.

First formed in 2001, SmartGeometry is sponsored by major CAD companies and architectural practices, including Bentley, Rhino, Autodesk, Arup Sport, Grimshaw Architects, Foster+Partners and MIT, among others. The group promotes the emergence of a new generation of digital designers and craftsmen, who are able to exploit the combination of digital and physical media. The group’s interests range from parametric design and scripting to digital manufacturing.

The SmartGeometry 2011 Workshop will be organised around the theme *Building the Invisible*, exploring how the incorporation of real world data challenges existing design thinking. The end result of the workshop is to create physical prototypes of these design systems, which will then be shown in the SmartGeometry 2011 exhibition.

The 2011 workshops will take place in Copenhagen at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts School of Architecture.

100 workshop participants will be organised into clusters, with each cluster providing a forum for exchange of ideas, processes and techniques. The ten clusters will be:
* Cyber Gardens
* Use the Force
* Urban Feeds
* Suspended Dreams
* Interacting with the City
* Agent Construction
* Authored Sensing
* Performing Skins
* Responsive Acoustic Surfacing
* Hybrid Space Structure Typologies

Participants will have access to a rich workshop of fabrication equipment, with digital machines as well as metal, wood and plastic fabrication. The range of tools encourages a hybrid approach of traditional and digital crafting techniques.

*SmartGeometry 2011 Workshop* 28-31 March 2011
*SmartGeometry 2011 Conference* 1-2 April 2011

For more information go to ["www.smartgeometry.org":http://www.smartgeometry.org/]

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