Sydney: In Good Company

December 21, 2010

An exhibition at Object Gallery exploring the network of passionate individuals that make up the Sydney creative design industry.

The ‘In Good Company’ exhibition at Sydney’s Object Gallery will reveal what happens behind the scenes in the city’s creative community, introducing visitors to the people that make it happen and offering the chance to sit side-by-side with the creators in their studio, workshop, or at the dinner table.

Curated by Sydney design studio &company, the exhibition brings together 20 emerging and established designers, manufacturers, makers and retailers including Cloth, DesignByThem, Dinosaur Designs, Gary Galego, Koskela, Mud Australia, Naomi Taplin & company, Oliver Smith, Trent Jansen, Vert Design, Malcolm Greenwood, Rapid Prototype Services, Somchai Charoen, Edols & Elliott, Top 3 By Design, Gaffa, Metalab, Anibou and more.

The exhibition will explore the network of passionate individuals that make up the design industry, investigate what local, sustainable and intelligent design really means, and reveal how objects arrive in the shop window ready for sale.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a series of workshops:

*Designing Life clinics – FREE*
2-hour workshops and clinics exploring design in the everyday, supported by City of Sydney
Coffee Clinic – Saturday 19 February
Cycle Clinic – Wednesday 9 February
Food Clinic – Saturday 5 March

*Look, Make, Do: manufacturers and makers*
2-hour workshop visits. Catch a sneak-peek behind the doors of Sydney’s makers and manufacturers including Cloth, ceramicist Malcom Greenwood, Dinosaur Designs, Rapid Prototyping Services and more.
Friday 11 and Saturday 12 March
Cost $20

For more information and opening times, visit ["www.object.com.au":http://www.object.com.au/]

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