Sydney: Reflex 2, a show of mechanical poetry

August 24, 2010

An ‘absurd, delightful and slightly sinister’ exhibition of kinetic sculptures inviting the audience to interact with a series of mechanical objects.

Sydney’s Gaffa Gallery presents *Reflex 2: A Show of Mechanical Poetry*, an award-winning exhibition of kinetic objects that physically engage with the audience.

Featuring the work of contemporary sculptor Geoff Farquhar-Still, the interactive exhibition explores modern science and mechanical poetry, with each piece depending on the active participation of the viewer to bring it to life.

Farquhar-Still says the works offer a rare opportunity to physically interact with an exhibition. “I wanted to show the poetic possibilities of machines to engage people on a one-on-one journey, almost like feeling and knowing each element of each contraption as though it were an extension of their body.”

Gaffa Gallery Director, Kelly Robson, explains: “The magic of these machines are reactions waiting to happen, to be set in motion by the touch of the hand, the breath of the movement of the body. In essence, each machine is ready to have a witty, sublime or even wicked conversation with its audience.”

The 11 artists participating in the exhibition are: Geoffrey Farquhar-Still, Ella Barclay, Chloe Bussenschutt, Sarah Firth, Nicci Haynes, Daniel Lorrimer, Marina Neilson, Sean O’Connell, Heike Qualitz, Matthew Smith and Alan Rose.

*Opening Night* Thursday 26 August, 6-8pm
*Where* Gaffa Gallery, 281 Clarence Street, Sydney
*When* 26 August-7 September

Visit the ["Gaffa Gallery":http://www.gaffa.com.au/] website for more details

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