Squintopera winter 2010 showcase

August 10, 2010

A showcase of squintopera’s computer generated architectural visualisations, completed for some of the world’s leading architects and designers.

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Squintopera is showcasing a series of films on the big screen in Federation Square, Melbourne for one month, from 1-31 August 2010.

Squintopera is a digital production company that produces computer generated images and animation, motion graphics and film and green screen work. The team of graphic designers, 3D animators, web designers, musicians and cinematographers produce films and visuals to communicate architectural possibilities for internationally renowned architects and developers around the world.

This time the films will run for 30 minutes, daily at 5.30pm (when there are openings in the Fedsquare TV schedule) and 12.30am at night. On weekends the films will also run at 3pm.

For more information, visit the ["Squint Opera blog":http://www.squintopera.com/blog/?p=568].

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