Sydney: Re-loved, Designer Stories

August 2, 2010

Eight Sydney designers reinterpret a selection of pre-loved chairs, transforming the furniture into new artworks.

As part of Sydney Design 2010, this exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum explores the essential furniture item: the chair.

Featuring a selection of eight pre-loved chairs, reinterpreted and revitalised by Sydney-based designers *Andrew Simpson* (Industrial Design), *Chris Hardy* (Industrial Design), *Paul Garbett* (Graphic Design), *Cecilia Heffer* (Textile Design), *Chris Bosse* (Architecture), *Liesl Hazelton* (Jewellery), *Adam Goodrum* (Industrial Design), *Christina Waterson* (Design and Architecture).

*Image* Chris Bosse’s reinterpretations of Verner Panton’s 1967 chair. Bosse chose to focus on the Panton chair, a freeform moulded piece of furniture that anticipated digital manufacturing techniques. “What made the Panton chair so spectacular when it came on the market and what makes it so interesting today in terms of design history is not only its shape, which is as extravagant as it is elegant, but also the fact that it was the first chair made out of one piece of plastic. It exploited the possibilities offered by the raw material both consistently and to the limits of what was technically achievable.”

Bosse has represented the chair as slices, in order to show the three-dimensional form of the chair.

For more information, visit the ["Sydney Design":http://www.sydneydesign.com.au/2010/index.php/exhibitions/re-loved-designer-stories] website.

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