Suburban Dreams: house and home in Adelaide 1945-1965

July 27, 2010

Focusing on the Great Australian Dream, this is a timely exhibition looking at a period in which housing availability and affordability was a pressing issue.

This exhibition focuses on the ‘Great Australian Dream’, exploring how the shape of Adelaide was transformed by the hopes and dreams of ordinary South Australians in the postwar period.

The dream of owning a house was a powerful force during the period. For many, the ideal home was a detached house on a suburban block. In the 1940s housing was hard to come by, and demand for houses was soon fuelled by the baby boom and immigration. Housing shortages led to new design and construction methods during the more prosperous 1950s, leading to changing attitudes about housing and suburban living.

At a time when housing availability and affordability is again a pressing issue, and contemporary debate focuses on sustainable and livable cities, this is a timely exhibition looking at a period of rapid change in Australian society.

The exhibition includes original objects, architectural plans and drawings and specially commissioned models showing different housing types of the period. It also features stories about particularly South Australian approaches to providing housing, including the South Australian Home Builders’ Club and the SA Housing Trust.

This exhibition has been developed as a partnership between History SA and the Architecture Museum, University of South Australia.

*Where* Migration Museum, 82 Kintore Avenue, Adelaide SA 5000
*When* 14 July until 31 December 2010
For more details, visit the ["Migration Museum":http://www.history.sa.gov.au/migration/exhibitions/suburban-dreams.html] website

*Image* ‘How to Build’ magazine from the era, courtesy Architecture Museum, University of South Australia

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