Exhibition, Melbourne: Phantastical Photography

July 9, 2010

A photography exhibition at Obscura Gallery, with work inspired by fantasy, theatre and dreams.

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Featuring work by Vivien Racault, Keren Dobia and Michael Ross.

Opening Drinks Sunday 11 July 2010, 4-6pm
*Where* Obscura Gallery, Beller House, Suite 11-285 Carlisle Street, East St Kilda
*When* 11 July-5 August 2010

*Vivien Racault* is a French photography artist, who uses music, writing and multimedia to create global artworks. In _Mysteries_, Vivien combines photography and digital post-production to draw vanishing points towards the physical and metaphysical Unknown. His work is both a research project into the Metaphysical as well as lyricism of the Fantastic. The work aims to restore original connections to the invisible and the sacred, through the spontaneous expression of dreams.

In her projects, *Keren Dobia* is the photographer and creative director of theatrical compositions. Keren’s recent work explores the emotions and fantasies that permeate the settings of children’s tales and the way these emotions are carried through into our adult lives. A combination of lighting, montage and the imagination, help Keren to reunite us with these forgotten scenes. Like us, these scenes have also grown up. Keren’s work lusts after a childhood past, whilst at the same time, it glorifies the wild possibilities of adulthood.

With images from Melbourne, Cambodia and New York City (approximately 10,000 miles apart), *Michael Ross* takes us on a visual exploration of the visions he encountered in a dream. The ten works express many of Michael’s photographic and artistic concepts; One, surrealism and fantasy; Two, universalism and equality; Three, an exploration of the notion of light, reflection, and our subjective perceptions of the world that surrounds us.

*Image* Dream 17 – NY Christler Building by Michael Ross

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