Sydney: HotHouse Symposium

July 9, 2010

A two-day think tank that explores practical means of transforming spaces, environments and cities.

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HotHouse is a two-day think tank bringing together world-leading creative thinkers, designers, artists, curators, academics, philosophers, urban planners and architects to develop models for the sustainable transportation of urban environments.

This “collective experiment” calls upon art and design to offer practical means of transforming spaces, environments, and even cities in ways that are enduring and energising, and that, most importantly, engage all sectors of the community.

To effect change, HotHouse will reconceive large-scale exhibitions and the process of curating. HotHouse proposes that we no longer curate art but curate space. More importantly, the responsibility to care for space or place extends to all citizens, communities, and industries, as well as to the cultural sector.

International participants include *Michaela Crimmin*, environmental art curator; major European/Asian biennale curator *Hou Hanru*; design thinker *Bruce Mau*; US academic *Adrian Parr*; while Australian participants include *Richard Goodwin*, *Janet Laurence*, *Jennifer Turpin*, *David Trubridge*, *Tony Fry*, *Dan Hill* and *Mark Pesce*.

*Ticket price* $185 (standard), $130 (concession)
*When* 27-28 July 2010
*Where* Utzon Room, Sydney Opera House

Visit the ["HotHouse Symposium":http://hothouselaunch.unsw.edu.au/] website for more information.

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