Affirmative Architecture

June 1, 2010

A two-day symposium convened by RMIT exploring the potential of architectural intervention in the city, the suburbs, the urban fringe and remote locations.

Affirmative Architecture is a two-day symposium convened by the Design Research Institute at RMIT in Melbourne.

The event seeks to define an emergent trend among young architects to re-engage with the ability of architecture to make life better.

Drawing together international and Australian architects and landscape architects with a commitment to a social agenda, the series of interactive lectures and panel discussions will see participants discuss their built work and real projects that address real problems.

Arguably these young practitioners are revising the Modernist ethos that architecture should provide effective solutions that benefit the community and the individual. In a contemporary context, their work deals with positive consideration of social engagement, careful analysis of existing conditions and a deliberate, often challenging architectural response.

*Confirmed speakers include*
*Mark Smout* (Smout Allan & The Bartlett, UCL London)
*Takaharu Tezuka* (Tezuka Architects & Tokyo City University)
*Leon van Schaik AO* (RMIT Architecture, Melbourne)
*Michael Banney* (M3 Architecture, Brisbane)
*Veronika Valk* (zizi&yoyo, Tallinn, Estonia)
*Deborah Saunt & David Hills* (DSDHA, London)
*Richard Black* (Times Two Architects & RMIT Architecture, Melbourne)
*Finn Pedersen* (iredale pedersen hook architects, Perth)
*Graham Crist* (antarctica & RMIT Architecture, Melbourne)
*Diego Ramirez* (Monash University, Melbourne)
*Stephen Neille & Simon Pendal* (pendal and neille & Curtin University, Perth)
*Melanie Dodd* (muf_aus & RMIT Architecture, Melbourne)
*Peter Ho* (Phooey Architects, Melbourne)
*Nigel Bertram* (NMBW & RMIT Architecture, Melbourne)
*Sue Anne Ware* (RMIT Landscape Architecture, Melbourne)
*Scott Balmforth* (TERROIR, Hobart)
*Mat Ward* (Managing Editor, AR Magazine, Melbourne)

Tickets for the symposium are $50 per day ($20 per day for students)
To pre-register, email ["martyn.hook@rmit.edu.au":mailto:martyn.hook@rmit.edu.au]

Visit the ["Affirmative Architecture":http://www.affirmativearchitecture.com/index.html] website for more information.

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