University of Sydney: Aphorisms Lecture

April 12, 2010

Sandra Kaji O’Grady will be giving a free lecture on aphorisms in architecture.

Sandra Kaji O’Grady’s once-off lecture will expand on the topic of aphorisms in architecture. Architectural history is studded with aphorisms—”Ornament is crime”, “Less is more”, “form follows function”, “Less is a bore”, etc. The value of these aphorisms lies in their brevity and emotional force, while their meaning is debatable and their applicability dubious. The opposite is true of academia, where every assertion is qualified by a welter of footnotes, evidence and contextual clarifications that eventually subsume and veil any position being put forward.

In this talk, the aphoristic will be risked in order to venture a plethora of opinions about modernity and architecture, neo-modernisms, architectural education and research, the act of criticism, the state of the Sydney design scene, etc.

Sandra Kaji-O’Grady joined the University of Sydney as professor of architecture this year. An architecture graduate from the University of Western Australia in 1990, she has taught at Deakin University and The University of Melbourne, and was Head of the School of Architecture at The University of Technology, Sydney from 2005- 2009. A prolific and independent critic, she has published in Monument, Architecture Australia Review, Architecture Australia, Object and Artichoke and in The Journal of Architectural Education and the Journal of Architecture.

*Where:* Lecture Theatre 1, Faculty of Architecture, Design & Planning, 148 City Rd, The University of Sydney
*When:* Thursday 15th April

No charge, no bookings required
For further information contact Sue Lalor on +61 2 9114 0941 or sue.lalor@sydney.edu.au.

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