Refuel seminar series: from grass roots to green roofs

February 15, 2010

A seminar series presented in 9 cities examining green design regulations in Australia. Presented by ESD architect and consultant Tone Wheeler.

The green scene is rapidly changing, and not always in the direction that sustainability advocates had predicted. This puts greater emphasis than ever before on architects’ ability to reduce the energy consumption of new and existing buildings. Presented by renowned ESD architect, consultant and award winner Tone Wheeler.

*Green Roofs*
Green design solutions are heading in two directions: active power solutions rather than passive design; and a greater emphasis on landscape, food and carbon sequestration. These ideas are embodied in ‘green roofs’ which are flourishing worldwide. Better than the old style ‘roof garden’ they embody a three part solution: more low energy demand space, green technologies and active landscape.

*Green Design*
What used to be a worthy optional extra is now becoming a mandatory requirement. Architects need to be aware of both the pressures they are increasingly being put under for green buildings and the ways in which they can respond to get good design outcomes. Design needs to lead to fruitful outcomes – and not just more of the same, or it risks becoming ‘greenwash’. What are the regulatory pressures and the responses that can, or rather should, be made?

This two-hour seminar examines new Green Roof initiatives from around the world, and the benefits and constraints for their implementation on all buildings in Australia. A review of Green Design regulations and the good, and sometimes bad, buildings that can result will assist you in gaining a better idea of where green design might lead you.

*Sydney* 4 March 9-11am
*Melbourne* 15 March 6-8pm
*Hobart* 16 March 12.30-2.30pm
*Perth* 29 March 5.30-7.30pm
*Adelaide* 30 March 5.30-7.30pm
*Brisbane* 13 April 6-8pm
*Darwin* 14 April 5.30-7.30pm
*Canberra* 20 April 6-8pm
*Newcastle* 28 April 6-8pm

Visit the ["AIA website":http://www.architecture.com.au/i-cms?page=7173] for more information and registration forms.

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