PechaKucha Sydney: Haiti Reconstruction

February 9, 2010

Part of the global wave of PechaKucha events raising money for Architecture for Humanity’s rebuilding effort in Haiti.

On Saturday the 20th of February, we will be taking part in a global Pecha Kucha Night to raise money for the Haiti rebuilding effort.

The goal is 200 cities, 2,000 presentations, 200,000 people, with the target of reaching $1,000,000 for rebuilding in Haiti. All donations will go to Architecture for Humanity and their current rebuilding effort. This will be a 24 hour global relay of PK events streamed around the world with the PK Headquarters in Tokyo linking up all the cities.

It will be held at the MCA Harbour Terrace with spectacular views of Sydney Harbour at 7:30pm on Saturday 20th February.

Speakers will include:
*Paul Pholeros* – Aboriginal Housing guru
*Adrian Lahoud* – Architect, UTS – research on post traumatic urbanism
*Martin Abbot* (UTS Student) – Presenting a student work on Beirut
*Hugh Snelgrove* – Compton Cricket Club – a program to get youths in South Central LA playing cricket
*Dougal Phillips* – Bienale of Sydney
*Oliver Watts* – Art historian talking about Basqiuat and Haiti
*Adam Goodrum* – Flat pack cardboard housing
*Liesl Hazelton* – 2009 Design NSW: Travelling Scholarship winner.
*Jen Peedom* – film maker. Recent film _Solo_ about a solo kayak from Australia to NZ won several AFI awards

Typically we organise these events months in advance, but this time we have just under two weeks until the event!

If you have any suggestions for suitable people to present on the night – those that might have experience in working in disaster areas, erathquake specialists and so on – please let us know. ["marcus@supercolossal.ch":mailto:marcus@supercolossal.ch]

Tickets are available through ["moshtix":http://www.moshtix.com.au/event.aspx?id=34558].

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