EOI: Design for Everyone 2010

February 8, 2010

The State of Design’s public program, Design for Everyone, focuses on the importance of design to a broad public audience.

For 2010, *Design for Everyone*, the State of Design Festival’s public program, will explore and communicate the importance of design to a broad public audience. Participation in Design for Everyone is an opportunity for individuals, organisations and businesses to demonstrate how design is improving living conditions, creating sustainable development opportunities, increasing commercial advantages and generating new and innovative products and services.

The State of Design Festival is now seeking expressions of interest for public exhibitions, projects, installations, seminars, workshops and creative events to be included in the 2010 Design for Everyone program. Download the ["Expression of Interest PDF":http://stateofdesign.com.au/s/media/2010_State_of_Design_Festival_EOI.pdf] , ["Design for Everyone FAQs":http://stateofdesign.com.au/s/media/Design_for_Everyone_Participation_FAQs.pdf] and apply ["online":http://stateofdesign.com.au/site/forms/dfe].

*Image* Paper Plane, courtesy Clare Ropartz.

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