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Oct 1, 2012
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‘Enhancing Public Space’ is the catchcry at Integra Matting – and you realise why when you see some of the company’s recent installations. Integra Matting helps you to achieve superb designer finishes in your entry with a contemporary yet functional range of entrance matting systems.

Extensive research has found that usually more than 75 per cent of dirt inside a building has been tracked in from outside. By installing the correct format of high quality matting, this dirt and dust can be stopped at the entrance, thereby reducing maintenance and cleaning costs. The Integra Matting portfolio has been inspired, appraised and selected to offer the best solutions to your entrance matting needs.

Integra Matting has recently released the new Integra Vantt aluminium architectural entrance matting. Integra Vantt features an alternating pattern of aluminium scraper bars incorporating hard-wearing, non-static polyamide pile matting, resulting in a barrier that will arrest the ingress of dirt and moisture and therefore make your entrance area cleaner and safer. Integra Vantt has also passed the ‘Matting For a Better Environment’ test by being contaminant free, having minimal VOC emissions and being fully recyclable.

Additional features and benefits of the Integra Vantt matting include:

  • Highly effective scrape-and-wipe cleaning action
  • Rubber cushion backed for quietness underfoot
  • Suitable for high foot traffic applications
  • Wheelchair friendly
  • Reduces floor maintenance and cleaning costs
  • Minimises costly slip-and-fall accidents
  • High fire resistance rating
  • Rolls up for easy cleaning
  • Interior and exterior versions
  • Over 20 colour combinations

If you’re serious about your building’s safety and presentation, you can rely on Integra Matting being serious about helping you enhance public space.

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