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Jan 7, 2013
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The Faculty of Law at Sydney University is an example of the capacity of ArchiCAD to enable architects to open up possibilities.

Johnathan Redman, Principal of fjmt, says: “we 3D modelled continuously throughout this project and designed and built in a very refined way on budget. We could see in the model how the triple layer ventilation faccade with its timber louvres would look like and work. We were also able to achieve more spatial complexity.”

BIM is now the way forward

Johnathan believes Building Information Modelling is the way of the future for architecture. Increasingly, large clients such as major design and construct developers are demanding BIM as a condition of the commissioning process.

“They want to improve both the quality of the design and the construction so they can differentiate themselves from competitors. They want everyone involved to share information and work from a master 3D model.”

Johnathan believes there are many firms, including single person practices, that right now are faced with the decision to adopt 3D CAD and BIM. “It’s not as daunting a process as they may think. In my opinion, the time is now.”

Just as important as being able to help clients visualise their building, is the ability for teams to work collaboratively together. ArchiCAD’s BIM server delivers exceptional teamwork capability. Johnathan says his team “can keep up to date with changes as they happen.”

Freeing up the design approach

Because design is at the core of what fmjt does, their CAD software has to be able to match their ambitions. Johnathan started in the profession drawing by hand, however he was an early adopter of technology. ArchiCAD has pioneered over the the last ten years to become a leader in the industry. He believes ArchiCAD has been a great enabler, freeing up his approach to design and, in particular, his capacity to resolve complex forms and details.

“ArchiCAD has had an important leadership role in 3D CAD.” It’s not simply a matter about increasing productivity. ArchiCAD improves the depth of quality of work and focuses the firm’s efforts on design. “We get to spend more time designing. Complexity becomes easier, broadening possibilities. We can try out more ideas and approaches in 3D. Clients can easily see, and therefore understand, our approach. They’re able to provide us with more meaningful feedback by being able to step through a model rather than viewing plans on paper in 2D.”

About Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp (fjmt)

fjmt is a multi-award-winning Australian architectural practice dedicated to design excellence and the enhancement of public domain.    They have won numerous international and national architectural competitions and design awards including Australia’s highest awards for architecture: the AIA Sir Zelman Cowen Award for Public Buildings, the Lloyd Rees Award for Urban Design and the Lachlan Macquarie Award for Heritage.

Through studios in Sydney and Melbourne, and project offices interstate and overseas, fjmt undertake public, institutional, commercial and residential commissions throughout Australasia and recently in Europe.

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